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Restorations at Le Mars Dental Center

Le Mars Dental Center can restore missing, loose, or decayed elements of a patient’s teeth to bring their smile back to its former health.

Indirect dental restoration refers to the restoration of a tooth by use of an inlay, crown or onlay, usually in partnership with a dental lab.

Direct dental restorations are completed in one visit. The tooth is prepared, filled and then polished to its natural function and appearance.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you’re experiencing several problems with your teeth and/or gums, Le Mars Dental Center can improve your oral health and well-being.

With the availability of a full mouth reconstruction, we can help restore your teeth and oral health. The first goal of a full mouth reconstruction is to improve function. Any cosmetic benefit that may result will remain a secondary goal. A full mouth reconstruction means you will likely need multiple procedures to restore the health of your mouth.

Some of the dental issues that can be improved and corrected during full mouth reconstruction include:

  • Missing and fractured teeth
  • Teeth with severe tooth erosion
  • Advanced periodontitis
  • Worn, uneven and misaligned teeth
  • TMJ issues, including pain and teeth grinding

Full mouth reconstruction can reverse years of aging and wear, allowing patients to smile again with confidence. It also can restore chewing function and reduce pain. With a full mouth reconstruction, you can move past discomfort and smile knowing you now have a healthy, functioning smile.

To learn more about dental restorations or full mouth reconstruction, call (712) 546-5183 or click to schedule an appointment at Le Mars Dental Center.