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Fillings at Le Mars Dental Center

Fillings repair and restore the surface of a tooth that has been damaged by decay, breakage or improper wear. If tooth decay is not repaired early, it will worsen, and additional or more extensive dental treatments may be necessary.

Tooth sensitivity to sweet food and cold temperatures is the most common symptom of a cavity. If a cavity or damaged tooth isn’t repaired, the discomfort may increase and can lead to more serious issues, like an infection or abscess.

Types of fillings:

  • Composite fillings are the most common and can be formulated to match the exact color of patients’ teeth. They are bonded to the tooth making them durable.
  • Gold fillings are durable and long-lasting.

Your dentist will:

  • Apply a local anesthetic to numb the affected area of your mouth.
  • Prepare your tooth by removing the decay.
  • Select the most effective type of filling based on the placement and visibility of the tooth.
  • Apply adhesives and filling material to the prepared area and shape it to match the look and feel of a natural tooth.
  • Expose a special handheld “blue light” to the filling material to harden the composite material.

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